To be or not to be

Two years back, I would have outright rejected the idea for an online pilates coaching. It is said ‘Man proposes, God disposes’. Pandemic has made us experiment with unprecedented situations. When the pandemic struck, my pilates trainer proposed an online class across her batches. Given the lockdown situation, it was a decision between an online […]

Don’t Sweat on the Small stuff

I finally managed to squeeze in a yoga class. With the continuous multi-tasking between work and home, it was a constant struggle to track the online messaging within yoga class group. Many important messages from my yoga teacher say on rescheduling of day /time or the props to carry for yoga class, etc were getting […]

The mom of all trades

Ting tong! The seven year old is back home from school. Feed him lunch, get him to finish homework. By then the twelve year old is back too. The younger one now needs to be dropped to his art class. Remember to pack his oil paints for today’s session. The older child will head off […]

The choice between online and offline education

Since the past two years, the way we view education has changed dramatically. After centuries of the formal school system, the pandemic has shown us that the teacher and student need not be in the same room, or even in the same city. Or for that matter, the same country. Online coaching started as a […]




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