What is BUDDYGO? Who is it for?

BUDDYGO is an app for all teachers, instructors, tutors, coaches; of any kind, be it academics, arts, fitness, yoga, life skills. It is an administrative and managerial tool that takes care of all organisational tasks of a teacher.

How does it help me?

BUDDYGO is a one – stop app that enhances engagement between Teacher, Student & Parent. You can build up and engage with your student community. It saves you time & money by handling your administrative tasks with its automated features. It helps you run a more efficient business with its statistics, reports and records. BUDDYGO decreases your workload by allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – teach.

Will I be teaching on the app?

No. You shall continue to conduct your classes as before. BUDDYDO is an administrative tool which takes care of all the admin tasks which take up your time, it increases your productivity by freeing up your schedule for teaching activities.

I take one-on-one sessions, is BUDDYGO the right choice for me?

Yes. BUDDYGO is a tool to manage your classes – be it large batches, small groups or single tutoring sessions.

I do not teach online, I take offline classes only. Can I still use the app?

Yes. BUDDYGO is not specific to nay medium. Irrespective of whether you teach online, offline or follow a hybrid model, the app will help you to organise your classes and manage your business.

I don’t have too many students, why do I need the app?

Irrespective of the number of students, admin tasks remain the same, only the quantum may differ. You still need to schedule classes, keep track of classes attended, incoming payments need to be recorded, reminders have to be sent. Why not use BUDDYGO instead? Automate your admin tasks and make your life simpler.

Do my students need to be on the app as well?

No. You can use the app as an organisational tool for yourself as well. However, BUDDYGO works best when your students and / or their parents are onboard the app as well. Your records are auto updated, you are connected to your students and can work on building your community and network.

How can I use BUDDYGO as a personal organiser?

You may or may not add students on the app. If you prefer not to, just use our ‘add new student’ or ‘add existing student’ features to let students know of class details or of appointments scheduled. Just set up your class or appointment and add students; they will receive an SMS and /or email informing them of the details. A schedule and record will be maintained on the app for you. Your students may also login to the app at any time to experience BUDDYGO in its entirety.

How will BUDDYGO benefit my students and / or their parents?

BUDDYGO is designed to be a one-stop solution for all its users. All records, reminders, notifications for any number of teachers and children are maintained together within a single app. If you would like to know more, please click on _____________.

Can I get a demo before I start using the app?
Can I try out the app before committing to it?

Of course. We offer a 6 month free trial. No fees will be charged to you nor are any payment or card details required. Feel free to explore the app!

I have registered on the app, how do I set up my classes?

In just four simple steps:

1. Add classes
2. Add a fee payment plans for your students
3. Assign classes to payment plans

To know more, click on https://buddygoapp.com/getting-started-9-steps-to-setup-success/

What is next?

Invite your students to the app. Click on the ‘invite students / parents’ from the side menu. If you have created public classes, your students will be able to view then and enroll for their desired classes. Students enroll for classes by paying for them as per the payment plan you have set up. Students will not be able to see the private classes you have created. Once they have joined the app using your invite link, you can add them to your classes by clicking on the ‘private link’ tab next to the class name under your calendar.

But what are public and private classes?

Exactly what the names suggest. Public classes are visible to all your students, they choose the class which they want to enroll for. Mark a class as public when you are fine with students joining any class of their choice. With private classes on the other hand, you control which class a student joins. You can use this option, for example, when you wish students to join a particular class only, or if you offer one-on-one classes or you are creating a special / extra classes for specific students only.

Sounds simple? Now lets make it simpler.

Use our Set Up Wizard to complete the set up process in a step by step manner. Add class, payment plan, publish, invite students all at one go – quickly and systematically.

What is the difference between Set Up Wizard and adding classes or plans?

The Set Up Wizard shall help you create a basic class and a corresponding payment plan (class fees) where you collect the entire fees upfront, prior to starting the class. However, if you collect your fees on a recurring basis or over the period of the course; or if you would like to explore a few more options, like setting up a payment plan that applies to multiple classes or to offer class bundles to your students, use the ‘add class’ or ‘add plan’ features.

How can I limit batch size?

You are in charge of adding students to private classes. You may add as many or as few students as you wish to. For public classes, once your desired number of students have enrolled, just unpublish the payment plan for the class. No more students will be able to join the class.

I conduct a lot of workshops? Can I still use BUDDYGO?

Yes! You follow exactly the same steps as setting up regular classes. Set up your workshop / class and payment plan, link the two and publish (or simply use our Set Up Wizard). Then either invite students to the app or add them to the workshop as drop in students.

What kind of fee payment plans can I set up?

BUDDYGO offers you the flexibility to charge one time upfront fees, charge on a recurring basis, customise dates for which fees are valid, charge for entire course or per turn / class or for a desired time period.

Can my students pay me via the app?

Yes. We have partnered with a reputed payment gateway to facilitate payments via the app. All major payment methods are accepted.

What are convenience charges?

The payment gateway charges a small fee when users pay via the app. These convenience charges vary as per payment method chosen and are displayed to the payer at the time of making payment.

Will I get a record of all fee payments?

Yes. Check your metrics tab and view / export reports for the desired time period. No need to manually track payments any longer.

What if my students do not want pay via the app?

Students enroll for classes by paying for them. Classes are updated on their calendar and class joining details are visible only after classes are paid for. However, they can opt to pay you offline. You can enable this option when creating a payment plan. If a student chooses to pay you offline, you will receive a notification to approve the request. Once you do, the student shall be deemed to have enrolled for the class and their calendar updated. You will have a record of all offline payment requests approved, for easy tracking.

Am I charged for using BUDDYGO?

We offer a 6 month trial period, during which you use the app free of charge. After your trial period ends, you pay a monthly subscription based on the number of students who are enrolled in your classes at any point of time. For details, visit the app.

Does BUDDYGO retain any part of my tuition fees?

No, we do not. We only charge a monthly subscription fee once your 6 month free trial period ends.

Do my students and / or their parents pay for BUDDYGO?

No, the app is completely free for students and parents to use.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. Be assured that we take data security seriously and your information is safe with us. Please read our Privacy Policy for details.

Will my classes be listed publicly on your platform?

No. BUDDYGO is not a marketplace. Only your students can view information about you and your classes. Our platform offers an exclusive space to each teacher and their students, to enable the teacher to manage classes and engage with existing and prospective students. Nobody else will step on your toes.

What if I have any queries? How can I contact you?

Please read through the help document here: https://buddygoapp.com/getting-started-7-steps-to-setup-success/

You can view our handy ‘How To’ videos: https://buddygoapp.com/how-to-videos/

Still have questions?

Visit the Help section on the app to drop us your queries or write to us at support@buddygoapp.com