The mom of all trades

Ting tong! The 7-year-old is already home from school! Get done with lunch, get homework out the way,
during which the 12-year-old arrives back and… repeat. Now it’s time to drop the younger child to art class.
Don’t forget to pack oil paints for today’s session. Whizz back and send the older one off to French class. Check
to make sure worksheets are complete. Which ones was it? 12-14? Or were those last week’s?

Sounds familiar? It’s the same story in every bustling household, family after family. With so many activities
and options available for children outside school hours – maths tuitions, cricket coaching, dance classes,
combined with your own burdening workload – it’s an extra task just keeping track of everybody’s schedules.
Dates and timings which change with the whims of the Mumbai monsoon, sudden upcoming tests, teachers’
messages and requirements for tomorrow’s class, myriad chat groups pinging with announcements and
reschedules. It all falls on you to do the mental gymnastics and manage it all.

What if there was an app that would support you? A tracker personally tuned to help you organise your unique
and ever-changing scenario? Imagine the schedule for each family member all kept in one place – with
rescheduled classes automatically updated, announcements from teachers never missed and reminders for
fee-payments including the option of paying for classes within the app. You could say goodbye to the endless,
banal searching and scrolling, trying to remember which platform gave which announcement, and instead
have all the information you need at the end of one tap of the screen.

It’s time to welcome your personal assistant. Say hello to BuddyGo!




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