Ting tong! The seven year old is back home from school. Feed him lunch, get him to finish homework. By then the twelve year old is back too. The younger one now needs to be dropped to his art class. Remember to pack his oil paints for today’s session. The older child will head off for French lessons. Check to make sure worksheets 12-15 are complete. But wait, is it 12-14?

Sounds familiar? It is the same story in house after house, family after family. With so many activities and options available for children now outside school hours – maths tuitions, cricket coaching, dance lessons – it is a task to manage it all. Keeping track of your children and their ever-busy schedules, the dates and timings which change as per the whims of the Mumbai monsoons, the upcoming tests, the teacher’s messages and requirements for the next class.……and the next….and the next. And then there is you – juggling it all, balancing your laptop on the other hand.

But what if there is a solution? What if you had a tracker which at a glance would show you the schedule for the day for each of your children? Across all teachers and classes. You would know immediately when a class has been rescheduled, messages from teachers would never be missed, know when new classes are announced and fee payments are coming up, you would not have to scan through myriad chat groups to find out what is the latest update on each of them. What if all that you need to manage your child’s schedule is right at your fingertips?

It is time to say goodbye to the mental gymnastics and let us take care of it for you. It is time to get going on Buddygo!




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