Two years back, I would have outright rejected the idea for an online pilates coaching. It is said ‘Man proposes, God disposes’. Pandemic has made us experiment with unprecedented situations. When the pandemic struck, my pilates trainer proposed an online class across her batches. Given the lockdown situation, it was a decision between an online class or discontinue classes altogether. So what started as an experiment, online classes turned out be fun in the face of adversity. We started appreciating the benefits like convenience it offered to workout from the comfort and presence at home.
Now that things have opened up, our pilates coach gave an option to students to attend online or offline batch. It helped many to continue online classes freeing up more time during the day. Its difficult to choose whether online or offline class works better. Each has its pros and cons depending on the circumstances of the person literally from day to day. In a way, the hybrid model of online and offline classes opened up more opportunities giving each person to make selection of his choice.
Hybrid is the new black.




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