Generating revenue with online education as a private teacher

If you are a micro entrepreneur who is a teacher / tutor/ coach/ instructor who teaches independently, withoutany association to an institute, then this article may interest you.

You can use the current environment where online teaching is now widely accepted to further expand your revenue stream. Here are a few tips on how

Expand your reach

With online education, teachers are not limited by geographical barriers. As a private teacher, one can teach students from almost any part of the world. Expanding reach is extremely convenient with platforms like zoom, google meet etc. A teacher sitting in Goa can actually teach the students from Ambala, Meerut, Delhi, Bombay and even London. Teachers can use teacher management apps like Buddygo to ensure that with their students steadily increasing, their admin tasks are taken care of automatically and efficiently. Thereby ensuring that teachers have time to work on more productive programs for their students and let Buddygo handle the rest

Create online courses

 Online teaching does not need the teacher and student to be present at the exact same time. A teacher can pre-record classes and create content which is useful and engaging for the students.  They can then sell the courses online, thereby monetising their effort. Buddygo is developing a unique teacher store which will help teachers to upload their content and be available for their students to buy. Creating unique and helpful content is sure to generate some extra revenue for the private teachers.

Expand your Online Presence

Generating and expanding an online presence is extremely important, especially in the exploding world of social media. The attempt is to not only to reach a larger audience but also to make a brand and earn revenue. Most students find online learning more convenient and flexible. People generally now turn to social media for inspiration and ideas. Teachers can also build a good network as well as engage their students with a online community. This helps in engagement and further motivates students, also adding to their social wellbeing. Buddygo’s community chat does precisely that, bringing the teacher and his/her students together, providing a platform for exchange of ideas, as well as being inspirational and motivational for all. Buddygo’s teacher gallery also allows to teacher to showcase his/her talents to current as well as potential students.

These simple techniques will help you maximise your earnings in todays burgeoning online market. Make sure to produce quality content, and put it out there. You will reap the benefits in no time.




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